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October 15, 2011 - Yeah, so, that promised overhaul got put on the back burner due to a new job, but I think things are settling together now, and there's a new section up for the classes I'm teaching. Maybe now that I've started fixing things around I'll make progress updating the rest of the site.
July 2, 2009 - Please excuse the dust for a little here, I'm doing a massive update/overhaul so thing's will probably be messy for a while.
''June 29, 2008 - Finally restored the correct index page here after the dolls attempted a takeover.
Hopefully I'll also be updating the doll pages soon with several photostories and a wigmaking tutorial.

What you can find here:
 Classes - here's what I teach at the local Michael's store, a variety of arts & crafts classes
Scribbles - the main purpose of this page, this section holds my fan and original stories and artwork
Shrine to Milphy-Yu - One of my favorite characters in anime, I am Milphy-yu no miko
Con pics - currently only my pics from Animazement '99
Cel Gallery - scans of cels I own
Dolls! - Yep, I love dolls, I collect them, and this past year I discovered ABJDs.
Dinner's up! - I love cooking, here's some of my recipes (external link for now)
  Links - places I like to go on the web
About me - like anybody cares

You can e-mail me here: camyou at lakefront dot iwarp dot com
convert to e-mail form, I'm not putting it pure to try and reduce spam
I can also be reached through sims2community or denofangels as: thothep


Site Policy:
Yes, this site utilizes a lot of stuff copyrighted to other people, and there are things here which some may find offensive.
If somebody official connected with the copyright holders requests that I remove something I will.
If somebody connected with some random group takes offense at something and starts shouting, I'll ignore them.
If somebody steals my own work I'll be very hurt.  If they give me credit for it I'll be complimented.  
(If you do like my stuff well enough to borrow it, please tell me, it's nice to know this stuff, and it could help build friendships.)
How do I justify being upset about stealing my work when I'm stealing others characters to create some of it?
They have watchdogs to look out for them, I don't... and I'm giving them full credit, which is all I really ask for.