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I love 'em.  I have loved them for a long time, since I was little.  And now I've been introduced to some marvelous ones.  Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, or ABJD, are the dolls I've been looking for for a long time.  They are beautiful, and easily customizable.  It's wonderful.  So, my computer has to continue with a problem graphics card, 'cause my tax return went into a 60cm tall doll.

Updates: 2/8/14 - updated the sewing chart with more dolls
Hoping to update the profiles within the next month with all the ABJDs now home (I'm up to 8 plus a floating head), also planning to try and set up all the photostories I only posted on DOA and just general updating all around.
Profiles - Who are my dolls?  Find out here!

Gallery - Umm, warning, image intensive area...

Photostories - When the pictures tell a tale...

W.I.P. - For the fun of it (and because I'm so obsessed) pics of what I'm working on for my doll/s and how I'm doing it
Tutorials/How to - I do come up with some ideas myself, and sometimes they're even good ones!

Arrival Pics - not sure why, guess just 'cause I can.  When significant pieces arrive...

Doll Meet-Ups - when doll people gather...

The pic is Tanal, my first BJD, with a bunch of other dolls I have around.  Most of my other dolls are at my parents' house, though.  Along with the drawing manikin, there's:
 a Yarnkin, who's probably the first doll I ever made
an unfinished marionette from high school art class, I sculpted and cast him
the head of a porcelain doll from a kit my aunt gave me for my birthday years ago, I'm still trying to figure out how to make her look good, especially since one hand broke in transit

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