Works In Progress

One of the things that really attracted me to the ABJDs was how much it is easy to do for yourself, without having to worry about getting a body in proportion.  That's my big failing, bodies going all out of proportion, or I might have really tried to sculpt a doll back in high school.  (I was a good kid, so the art teacher would let me do anything I wanted to, actually most teachers let me do whatever...)  

So, here's just some shots from while I was doing Tanal's first face-up:  (for those who are actually looking at this and don't know, that's 'painting' the features onto the blank head)
set up
I'm not sure what's wrong with this picture, but for some reason it won't set to the right size!
I added watercolour pencils for the second try, I could not get good eyelashes with paints.
resin matching half way
Doll In Mind resin is a very different colour from Domuya Normal Skin, so I had the marvelous fun of having to work the colours together on my very first doll.  Again, I charged ahead and created more work for myself, still love him.

While I was waiting for Tanal to arrive I started working on some sewing, and reminding myself of how to do embroidery since it's been a while.
I was not expecting the doll to be Tanal, I more than half expected him to be thothep, who would have been happy to wear roses.  Tanal isn't.  Oops.

Well, I've always been one to go a little overboard on crafts, but I have been apologizing to my roommate a lot about this:

room1 room2

Do you think I'm taking over too much of the apartment?