17 Dec 2012 - I apologize that schedules are very out of date on here right now.  I am working on the schedules for January and February of 2013 right now and hope to have them up by the end of the weekend.  I hope to also have more reference pictures up soon.

And as a note, I no longer teach the knitting classes, my personal approach to knitting isn't compatible with the approved classes.


So, I teach a number of classes at Michael's Arts & Crafts on Brice Road in Reynoldsburg: Jewellery-making, Art (acrylic painting) and Knitting.

The store is located at:
2766 Brice Rd
(614) 868-5103

To take any class you need to sign up in store at least 24 hours before class time (or I might not know the class is running). Most of the classes I teach are $25 for tuition and then you pick up the appropriate supplies.
If there's a time you'd like to see a class held at let me know at camyou@lakefront.iwarp.com or any questions, comments, etc you might have regarding my classes can also be directed there.

Note, I am very much still tweaking this site, but the design should settle in soon.

Disclaimer: I am trying to stick primarily to facts about my classes here, any opinions that come through are my own and do not reflect any of the related companies' official stances. I am merely a single employee. If I hear from above there is anything I should or should not have on this site I will change it as soon as possible.