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pic      Milphy-yu/Mirufi-yu/Millefeuilles was the character who made me a fan of Bakuretsu Hunters.  My first knowledge of him came from  watching the OVAs, I forced myself through the first one, then Milphy showed up in the second one.  I screamed with laughter, got out, "He's cool!" and rewound the tape to find out what they'd said. (BTW, these are thumbnails, click for the larger image)

***A note: there be possible spoilers ahead!***


     Milphy-sama is the leader of the Haz Knights and has served Big Mama for ages, since he was a child unknown years ago.

     The sheer fun of his first appearance caught me, the depth of his character held me. Milphy in the manga and OVAs presents a fascinating contrast with the two faces he presents to the world. I understand he's rather flat in the TV series, I hesitate to watch it, my purple haired god just wouldn't be the same with green hair.
pic        The side of him shown most in the OVAs is the frivolous, rather feminine, and aggressively flirtatious face. It is this face with which Milphy interacts with the Hunters, especially Carrot. His glomp and grope style of flirting earns poor (snicker) Carrot extra troubles with the Misu sisters, though Milphy will quite happily grope them, too. In this appearance the Hunters think him another hunter, and a confusing wacko.pic
       But when the ribbon comes out and he lets his hair down it's a whole different story. Then he dons his armour and becomes the serious, sober and masculine (at least more so) Haz Knight. Flashes of the strength and intelligence which dominate this side of his personality appear occasionally in his lighter side, further confusing the Hunters. But the full power of who he is is  reserved away from the eyes of the others.
pic      And Milphy-sama's no slouch at fighting either (must be all that glomping of squirming individuals).  As far as an arsenal is concerned, while he apparently uses a sword in the TV series, his weaponry for the manga and OVAs consists of dark ofuda and pic feathers from a magical phoenix.  In the OVA he fights (sort of) barehanded while saying he can't when the others are there, but after they leave thinking they've destroyed the bad guy he returns, in Haz Knight, not goofy hunter, mode, and binds the zombie master in a feather circle.

    Another point which probably helped draw me in was Milphy-sama's voice, for the OVAs he is voiced by Ogata Megumi, one of my favorite seiyuu.  For months the last song I listened to before bed was "Kaze ni Naritai."

Comparison of the Milphys:
2 sides
Ofuda and Feathers
Formal armour
Fighting armour
Black shirt outfit
others: male and female
Slightly wavy
2 sides
Black shirt outfit
Fighting armour
TV series
Slightly wavy
watered down single sided
Formal armour

(any corrections/suggestions for expansion welcomed)

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And here's a screensaver that's been lying around on my harddrive.   Milphy ss

Um, if anyone knows anything about the spot on Milphy's forehead, that's a little fact that's really been bugging me, please, please, please let me know

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