FY Detectives

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The seishi have been reborn into the real world, and a surprising number are employed by the Tokyo Police.  Or is it so surprising?  Why do so many of the murders falling to our seishi detectives seem to be connected?  And why does a strange girl keep appearing with tips?  Is there more here than just the brutality hiding in any large city?

I don't own the majority of the characters in this fic. They belong to Watase Yu, Takahashi Rumiko and whoever all else, don't sue me, no money. This is written because a short circuit in my brain came up with the idea and I couldn't shake it. Don't get mad at me for the things happening to the characters, I love them too, but the story needs the trouble.
Also, the only punch I pull is that I will not write an actual sex scene.  There is romance, both straight and homosexual in here, and there is violence, and descriptions of dead bodies.

Totap is mine, don't take him, I will get really upset.

Some of the characters in this story are real people who gave me invaluable help in sorting out my loose floating ideas
Real people guest appearances:
Divon (consultant on chap 4)
Caithi'on (map girl)

The story
Well, I'll list and link things here as they're planned/written. Oh, and people, I tend to tell a story through dialogue, and sometimes the characters get away from me, they LIKE to talk.

The Beginning:
The order these are read does not matter, eventually there will be one for each seishi with an important part in the story.  All of these start out prior to the original series.  Events are loosely based on my understanding of the characters' backgrounds.
 Nakago   (yaoi, lime)

The Main story:
Chap 1a b - (Still Untitled) (in progress) 
Chap 2 - Party and Problems
Chap 3 - (Still Untitled)
Chap 4a .b  - High Speed Death (in progress) 
Chap 5 - Kaos & Reunions
Chap 6 - (untitled)
Chap 7a b - The Brothers' Return and Explanations (in progress)

Kaori Here is the story of what happened to C's sister. Spoilers for chapters 2 and end of 3,  nothing explicit but not nice.
Kishino This is a rewrite of the scene in chapter 2 with Kishino all from C's view. spoilers for end of chap 3.

 Oh, and a quick guide:
~"indirect speech (radio, etc.)"~
$author's comments$
As I make my own names by piecing together sounds and kanji with meanings I like, I'll keep a page here to let you know what they're about, use shift-jis (is that right?) to view them completely. names Note, if it's a common name, it won't be here, only if I made it up (as far as I know.) Actually, this is more of notes on characters, it may eventually contain spoilers on characters, too. The japanese dictionary I'm using to make names is here (hopefully): Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server

C in the prologue
An image from chap 3 not pleasant.
The same in B&W It just looked neat this way.

Wow! Divon did some art that goes with my story: Bike Genrou/Tasuki and a motorcycle Please, everyone tell her how wonderful it is.