My page to be creative on.  Here you will find original and fan fiction and artwork, and maybe rants if something sets my back up. (I love reading people's rants!)

BTW: I'm terrible at coming up with titles, if anybody has suggestions, I'm all ears.
Generic Disclaimer:  Most characters contained within the stories below are copyrighted to someone else.  I am using them without permission, but without intent to malice or make money.  Any plots contained below are my own ideas, please don't steal them.
Fushigi Yuugi:
FY Detectives - Where are the seishi now?  Reborn into our world and working for the police.  On hiatus while I study police procedure some more.
Untitled - The first summoning was successful, but now there's a new evil, and a new person from our world pulled into the book.  Likely to become shonen ai.  Chapter one is complete
Gatch cannon/canon - a 5 minute piece when the ml was getting irate
Untitled - a little Taito/Yamachi set a few years after they graduate
Another Untitled - The original Digidestined are in college now, though Tai's been missing for years.  Taito/Yamachi
Anime chic-a-boom
Matters in this section are mine, don't steal please.
Naxos:a story I originally wrote in 8th grade, then rewrote in 12th for College Writing.  This is science fiction, specifically space exploration.  Unfortunately, I had to finish the story up fast because I'd gone way over the five page limit, so the end is rushed.
Bios - brief character sketches
Naxos - the story itself
Poetry: random untitled bits of poetry.  Believe it or not, I used to use strict rhyme and meter.
poem 1  - written in study hall back in high school
poem 2 - written during engineering mechanics lecture
poem 3 - again from mechanics
a mask - started years ago in a blue funk finished 2/13/2002

My poor submissions to the art world.
My drawings:
Clef Emeraude sketch Tomo Didi Matt and Tai Mimi digimon Hikaru Miaka Ranma-chan Xian-pu
Aidou Chichiri Nuriko 1 Nuriko 2 Tasuki
holiday cover Sketch original guy original original
Baby dragon snake pan dryad piss pot cobra candles candles mantis mantis2 plates pendants1 pendants2 pendants3 pendant4


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