Warning: If you are offended by idiocy, you have a delete key, use it now.
Written quickly cause I've got a mat sci lecture to get to.

Gee, my first Gatch-related fan work.  Feel free to barf.

        They stared at it.  It didn't look terribly threatening, heck, it
was smaller than Jinpei.  So why had Katze brought it out?  And why was he
standing behind it grinning?
        "Any clue team?"
        "Maybe its a model, and the full size version is coming."
        "Too big to use as a club."
        "I never heard of a hollow club with wheels."
        "C'mon, Katze, where's the real mecha?"
        "#$*^% that toy, lets just get on with whopin him like usual."

        Katze stared back at them.  What was the matter with them?  It was
all laid out very clearly how this encounter should go, so why weren't they
acting according to plan?  Their idiot comments continued.
        "There is no mecha!  Didn't you get the script!?!"  He pulled on the
rope, "It's a CANON you morons!!!!!!!"
        He watched the ball sail over to them, and smash through the eagle
and then the rest.  "Gee, I guess you didn't get the script."
        He turned to the girl approaching from off set.  "Where are the
        "Those were the understudies, you killed the originals yesterday."

No attempt was made here at characterization (or proofreading,) I haven't
seen the show in any incarnation in long enough that any character I used
would be based on fanfics, not the real stuff.  I just had to write this
after reading through all the fanfic gripes.  So <pffftt>
No planning went into this, just 5 minutes of typing.

by Lynda Byatt