Here's brief character sketches for the main characters of Naxos. These are exactly as I wrote them up for myself when I wrote the story (the second time, the first was very disorganized) minus the references to classmates of mine. They may not make a whole lot of sense because of this.

Karen Latra
shuttle pilot, computer technician people person, friendly, cheerful 27

Dr. Allison Hader
medical officer intelligent, highstrung, nervous, freaks out, excellent doctor, scared silly outside controlled environment 32 fly-away blond hair, lost look in her eyes

Captain Bartholomew Lore
ship's captain easy going 37 tall, large strength-wise but not insanely so, friendly but strong mein

Dr. Bethany Prendergast
xenologist brilliant, no people skills, prissy, by-the-book 42 straight brown hair starting to grey in a bun, average height, almost emaciated build

botanist silly, curious, clutz 26 red-head, average height and build, pretty

Jack Benson
shuttle pilot, mechanic bright, light-hearted, frequently copilot to Karen 28 average height, strong, average looks

Bishop Ewan
patrol pilot calm, cool & collected 29 African, tall, strong, handsome

Tran Ewan
geophysicist Bishop's little brother 21 African, small, thinnish, still childish innocence look

Well, there you have it, the cast. Originally, Allison and Jackie were the same person (a historian), and the Ewan brothers did not exist. Now, if I were to extend the story, I think it would probably focus on Tran! I may make more indepth bios at a future time. link removed because it didn't work and I can't input code through AOL

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